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Yorkshire’s Biggest March Against Fracking

Up to 3,000 people – including many from Scarborough – marched through the centre of York on Saturday to highlight opposition to fracking, here and everywhere. According to some reports, it was the biggest protest against fracking ever seen in Britain, and was supported by groups from Yorkshire, Lancashire and beyond.

The crowds gather in York.

Organised by Frack Free York, the demonstration started at Clifford’s Tower in a colourful array of banners and placards, and the mood was defiant and upbeat. The Lancashire Nanas, in their distinctive yellow tabards, were in fine voice as always, and were joined by a large contingent of their Yorkshire counterparts in light blue – including at least two ‘Mananas’!

With chants of ‘No fracking Yorkshire – no fracking anywhere!’ and ‘Once you frack you can’t go back – ban fracking now!’, the march snaked around the city centre, leaving on-lookers (many of them supportive) in no doubt as to our cause.

 Thanks to the majority decision of a small clique of mainly Tory councillors willing to do the Government’s bidding, Kirby Misperton in Ryedale has been chosen to kick-start the dash for ‘unconventional’ gas, but there were no ‘Nimbys’ among us as anti-frackers see a threat to one community as a threat to all.

Graham Martin, one of the organisers of Saturday’s demonstration, said:

“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the turnout, which exceeded all our expectations. This shows that more and more people across Yorkshire are waking up to the threat of fracking to the countryside, rural jobs, tourism, the environment and climate change.”

The march ended in a large rally outside York Minster, where activists spoke eloquently of the threat posed by fracking – or whatever the industry and its backers might choose to call it.

John Ashton, who was the government’s special representative for climate change between 2006 and 12, said:

“You can be in favour of fixing the climate. Or you can be in favour of exploiting shale gas. But you can’t be in favour of both at the same time.”

Kim Hunter, of Frack Free Scarborough, said our movement should draw strength from the different campaigns mobilising around the country challenging the status quo and business-as-usual politics. Just the day before the march, Jeremy Corbyn had filled St Helen’s Square in York.

Scarborough's Anti-Fracking Nanas.

Some of the biggest cheers of the day were for reluctant heroine Tina Rothery, who put her name to a protest in a field near Blackpool ear-marked for fracking.

“We keep hearing about what’s good for the economy. But we don’t live in an economy, we live in a community,”

said the Lancashire Nana.

There was also a good response to the public debut of Frack Free Scarborough’s own anti-fracking song, written by and accompanied by our own Dave Mason.

Don't Frack Yorkshire.

An Evening, Living With Fracking…

Last night Burniston & Cloughton residents met local North Yorkshire couple and producers of ‘Living with Fracking’, Joanne and Steve White, to learn about the potential impact of unconventional fracking in the villages.

Ryedale couple Steve and Joanne White went to the heavily-fracked US state of Pennsylvania to find out what it is like living in a gas field. Their trip, captured on camera, convinced them that fracking should be banned.


Joanne and Steve’s film ‘Living with Fracking’ sparked an interesting discussion. Joanne and Steve explained the differences between ‘conventional’ and ‘unconventional’ fracking, and concerns were raised with the likely risks posed by ‘unconventional’ fracking on services, homes and health in Scarborough.

Fracking in this way does not appear economically viable, as the industry estimates that it will be 10 to 15 years before unconventionally fracked gas could contribute to energy supplies in the United Kingdom. By this time, there will be a greatly increased need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including methane, which is emitted in great qualities through the new fracking process.

Support for renewables among residents was strong. By the end of the evening, the majority united against the imminent threat of ‘unconventional’ fracking in Scarborough, and elsewhere in the UK.

A follow up fracking meeting will take place at 7:15pm at Burniston & Cloughton Village Hall on Wednesday 3rd August. All local residents and interested parties are welcome to attend.

Please watch this space for further public information sessions in the coming weeks!

Yorkshire’s Anti-Fracking March – 30th July 2016

All welcome to attend Yorkshire’s march and rally to ‘Say No To Fracking’.

When: Saturday 30th July 2016, 12:00pm to approx. 2:00pm.

Where: Meet 12noon at Clifford’s Tower, York.

Marching to: York Minster for a rally with campaigners, experts and political representatives starting around 1pm (speakers TBC).

Details: A demonstration of solidarity for all of Yorkshire’s anti-frackers to show how strongly we feel about not letting any unconventional gas extraction in our area, marching on the streets of York against Fracking. Organised by Frack Free York.

Getting to Clifford’s Tower:

  • No.3 Park & Ride service stops on Tower Street, 200m from the assembly point – catch it from Askham Bar Park & Ride site (off the A64) or York Rail Station.
  • Nearest Coastliner bus stop: Stonebow.
  • Nearest Arriva/East Yorkshire stop: Piccadilly.

Please r.s.v.p. and share the Facebook event with your friends and family. 1.6k people are invited so far!