Energy Choices

Extracting, burning and emitting fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, is not an environmentally sustainable form of energy supply, and some would argue is no longer an economically viable option. However, global warming doesn’t mean that we don’t need energy. Frack Free groups across the country support utilising renewable energies, and a sustainable Scarborough.



“All the electricity we now require is available from limitless sources like wind and solar. The sun delivers 5,000 times more energy to the earth’s surface than humanity needs. But renewable energy is intermittent. The sun doesn’t always shine. The wind sometimes drops. So we must find even better ways of storing the energy and carrying it long distances to where it’s needed. Just one thing, however, would be enough to halt climate change. If clean energy became cheaper than coal, gas or oil, fossil fuel would simply stay in the ground.”

Sir David Attenborough, 2014