An Evening, Living With Fracking…

Last night Burniston & Cloughton residents met local North Yorkshire couple and producers of ‘Living with Fracking’, Joanne and Steve White, to learn about the potential impact of unconventional fracking in the villages.

Ryedale couple Steve and Joanne White went to the heavily-fracked US state of Pennsylvania to find out what it is like living in a gas field. Their trip, captured on camera, convinced them that fracking should be banned.


Joanne and Steve’s film ‘Living with Fracking’ sparked an interesting discussion. Joanne and Steve explained the differences between ‘conventional’ and ‘unconventional’ fracking, and concerns were raised with the likely risks posed by ‘unconventional’ fracking on services, homes and health in Scarborough.

Fracking in this way does not appear economically viable, as the industry estimates that it will be 10 to 15 years before unconventionally fracked gas could contribute to energy supplies in the United Kingdom. By this time, there will be a greatly increased need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including methane, which is emitted in great qualities through the new fracking process.

Support for renewables among residents was strong. By the end of the evening, the majority united against the imminent threat of ‘unconventional’ fracking in Scarborough, and elsewhere in the UK.

A follow up fracking meeting will take place at 7:15pm at Burniston & Cloughton Village Hall on Wednesday 3rd August. All local residents and interested parties are welcome to attend.

Please watch this space for further public information sessions in the coming weeks!

2 thoughts on “An Evening, Living With Fracking…

  1. Ruth Upsall

    Hi, I am from Harrogate & District Naturalists’ Society. We would like to find someone to speak on fracking at one of our winter lectures.
    Can you suggest anyone who could give us a knowledgeable illustrated talk?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ruth. Thank you for your message. We would be very pleased to come and speak to your members either at a regular meeting or at a specially arranged event. We have a range of video and other visual material that can be used to inform and start a discussion, and access to speakers with a variety of expertise. You can get in touch with us at for more information.


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